KlemaBears is an exclusive brand that is based on love of creating designer toys inspired by the beauty of animals.

Each animal toy is a unique handmade art piece. True collectors and followers of the Teddy Bear and Teddy Toy art are able to fully appreciate the artist’s ability to invest not only effort, time and skill in each toy, but also part of his soul, his life.

I am Olga Kulemina, a Russian artist. Since 2013 I have been sick with love for creating unique toys using the soft sculpture technique. All my creations were shaped with great love and attention to every detail. Each creation is unique and has no repeats and duplications.

I am pleased to announce your active complicity in our planet’s salvation. The Earth is a legacy we are going to leave to our children! Therefore part of each sale I am donating to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). By adopting my “children” you become a supporter of WWF, as evidenced by the logo on the certificate of exclusivity and toy’s photo.

Please note that my creations are for the adult collector only and not intended for kids to play with. If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact me!

You are always welcome! :)